The pack is an illusion
Emma, 17. I have a massive crush on Cora Hale, a deep loathing of all things Gerard Argent, and every time I hear the Teen Wolf opening theme I a) squeal, b) groan, or c) cry. Mostly c.

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Some rare non-Teen Wolf fic recs, because I’ve been rummaging through bookmarks:

Here, have a really awesome Natasha/Steve fic. 

Here, have an excellent HP fic about Ron for once! 

Here, have one of the most artfully crafted fusion fics of all time! (Glee/ATLA) Registered & Protected

| am so sorry, Lydia. All of this must be terribly confusing. But, at least you know that you’re not actually crazy. Well, not completely. There’s bound to be some residual effects but you’re a strong girl. Personally I think that you’re gonna pull through with minimal amount of post traumatic stress. And maybe a few years of profoundly disturbing nightmares. Registered & Protected

allison in every episode → more bad than good Registered & Protected

If only I had a daughter, with skin as white as snow,
                with hair as black as ebony
                          and lips as red as blood..” Registered & Protected Registered & Protected


You ever heard the term, regression to the mean? It’s a bit of a technical way of saying things will always even out. Registered & Protected

episode 1 in each season Registered & Protected

Following that logic, I assume this monstrosity of a peanut butter, avacado, tuna, and tabasco sandwich actually DID happen, and the reason Mr. “Turkey Hold The Mayo” Kinney is so strict about his diet in public is because in private—and apparently in front of Jennifer Taylor—he eats like a woman that is seven months pregnant with twins.

Not so health conscious now, are you Mr. Kinney?

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Not who are you. Who are we! Registered & Protected Registered & Protected